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All courses

  • Hebrew

    Information Hebrew Tutoring is offered by us, our teacher is an SMC Hebrew professor.
  • History

    U.S. history U.S. Government World History And more .......... Topics
  • Mathematics

    Subjects Calculus Limits and Rate of Change Derivatives, Partial Derivatives Mean Value Theorem Curve Sketching Integrals, techniques of integration, applications Parametric Equations and Polar Coordinates Infinite Sequences and Series Analytic Geometry and Vectors Multiple Integrals Vector Calculus Applications and more....... Differential Equations Separable First-Order Diff Eq. Exact First-Order Diff Eq. Linear First-Order Diff Eq. Second-Order [...]
  • Organic Chemistry

    Organic Chemistry ( College Level ) Review of General Chemistry Molecular Representation Acid and Bases Alkanes and Cycloalkanes Stereoisomerism Chemical Reactivity and Mechanism Alkyl Halides: Nucleophilic Substitution and Elimination Reactions Addition Reactions of Alkenes Alkynes Radicals Reactions Synthesis Alcohols and Phenols Ethers and Epoxides; Thiols and Sulfides Infrared Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry Nuclear Magnetic Resonance [...]
  • Physics

    Topics Physics Mechanics Measurements and Vectors Motion along a straight line Motion in a plane Newton's laws of motion Work and Energy Momentum and Impulse Rotational motion Gravitation Periodic motion Applications and more....... Fluid mechanics Temperature and Heat Thermal properties of matter The first law of thermodynamics The second law of thermodynamics Mechanical waves Sound [...]
  • Programming

    Python My philosophy when it come to programming is plan out your program, write it and make sure it runs, but make it as short as possible, efficient and elegant. Why learn Python? Getting started with Python Python on TI-nspire CX II CAS Python on command prompt Python's built-in libraries and other sources. Variables types: [...]
  • Quantitative Management

    Topics Linear Programing Graphical Analysis Simplex Method Maximazation Minimazation The Dual Sensitivity Analysis Transportation Probability Decision Analysis Game Theory Markov Process Queuing Analysis Single Server Multiple Servers Simulation Network Analysis CPM and PERT And more ..... Management Software Used Microsoft Excel with Solver Add on Google Sheets with Solver Add on
  • Real Estate

    Real Estate Exam for the California Salesperson and Broker exams California Real Estate Principle California Real Estate Practice California Real Estate Finance California Real Estate Law California Real Estate Mortgage Loan Brokering California Real Estate Economics California Real Estate Appraisal California Real Estate Property Management Ethics, Professional Conduct Real Estate Math calculations   We have [...]
  • Spanish

    Topics Spanish Grammar Composition Creative Writing for: Essays Term Papers Thesis And more, so come check us out!